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Have you noticed that the rate at which the new energies on our planet is increasing? The veils between our third dimension and other dimensions are thinning and we can now access the supernatural more easily than ever. This is great news! However, the other side of this news is that we must shed our old "skins" and take on higher rates of vibrations if we are to thrive in the coming age.

I can assist you to move through this process by helping you clear out old programs and limiting beliefs.  Click here to read more about it. Then, e-mail me at  or write to me to arrange a clearing.  PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY AOL ADDRESS YOU HAVE FOR ME!!!.Thanks.

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In light, Pam

The most exciting part of the new millennium is the increase in the rate of vibration under which we move in this human experience. This increase brings with it limitless possibilities. It also brings challenges.
    No longer can we get away with escaping our responsibility to our growth and service. We need to emerge in the next few years as healthy, fully-functioning beings if we are to thrive.
    We must not only expand our consciousness, we must also become accountable in the world. One seems to feed into the other in an endless spiral that will take us into a better world —one that "has life and has it more abundantly."
    Pam Murray has spent more than 25 years helping others to achieve more successful spiritual and business lives. She can help you, too.

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Free Article: From Two To Twelve Strand DNA,
Parts 1 and 2

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Heal the Damage to Your Soul

As your soul travels through its endless journey back to Source, it becomes "damaged," due to unresolved energy carried forward. Each instance of unresolved energy or emotional charge is called a program and it may impede your ability to carry out the mission you were designed to accomplish. Click here to learn more about soul clearing.

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Can You Be a Success in Business AND Grow Spiritually?

Pam Murray says that the answer to this question is "not only YES, but it is now imperative that we put more and more people of light into all facets of world business. It is our responsibility to transform the world, and that includes all aspects of business and service."

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