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By Pam Murray, Speaking From Wellspring

Much is currently being written about the twelve-strand DNA, so it is time to set the record straight. Yes, it is true that humans are evolving. This, of course, is not the same as being descended form the apes, which is not true, however, the emergence of the light which you are currently seeing could not happen without your evolution into higher frequencies. At the Creator level, when all beings were designed, each was imbued with a unique pattern-a blueprint, if you will. If described in the third dimension, blueprints, the design of each soul, would look like DNA, only with twelve strands instead of two. If you could see them, you would also see "energy beads" woven into the strands. These energy beads form your unique "spirito-genetic" makeup. Each of the countless souls in the universe has its own energy bead pattern.

The original blueprints are kept in what you might call a vault. This is the closest your language can come to the storage system. The soul is actually a carbon copy of the original.

Encoded in this pattern is the destiny of your soul-that is the path your soul must take through all its lifetimes to reintegrate with what you call God. Because each soul has its own path, it may incarnate on several different planets or only one. It may never incarnate, learning its lessons on the astral planes. There is no path that is better than another; however, your choices ultimately determine how difficult or easy it may be. Upon reintegration, the soul may reclaim the original blueprint as its own.

The original blueprint of the DNA plus the energy beads that your soul carries with it is called Super DNA, or SDNA for short.

In your Bible, in the book of Genesis, is a lovely allegory about what happened at the beginning of your race. The original "Adam and Eve," or those who first were created on earth, had no restriction of the third dimension. They were, essentially, light beings-your ancestors, sent to birth the new planet. (New, of course, is relative, as the planet was already several billion years old.) At this point all twelve strands of their DNA were actively functioning. Because of the atomic structure of the planet at that time and because the beings desired a new form of learning, they took on "animal skins," and became human. Because most of the DNA strands are of a very high frequency and very delicate, only two could exist in these dense animals beings. These two strands are what you often see pictured as DNA.

The soul retains the original pattern and, if the astral body is of a high enough frequency, can activate threads beyond the two in the astral body. In the eons since you put on animal skins, some have incarnated who could actually hold the energy of all twelve strands, either in their astral bodies or-as in the case of Jesus of Nazareth and Sai Baba, plus a very few others-in the body itself. But, on the whole, the body was just too dense for this to occur. Most of the masters needed to leave the human body in order to fully activate and anchor all twelve strands.

Through its incarnations, the soul has been damaged by choices, lessons, and cruel treatment by others. Often the twelve-strand pattern is disrupted. This is why the original is kept at the Creator Level. However, with the increasing frequencies on the planet Earth and the evolution of many of your species, it is now possible not only to repair the soul, removing the need for further incarnations, but also to activate the twelve strands of the DNA in the astral body and to begin anchoring them in the physical body.

Please understand that this is not a contest, with the one reaching twelve-strand activation and physical anchoring first the winner. This is the next step on your evolutionary journey. The ones who are ahead on the path have a deep responsibility to those who follow. You will be the elder brothers and sisters, looking out for the younger ones.

The first step is the initial repair-or clearing-of the soul. The soul brings with it too many programs and blocks to activate your SDNA. This is best done through Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). SRT repairs the soul to the point where activation can begin and removes the need to re-incarnate in the physical, even though the soul will continue to learn, serve, and grow before it can completely reintegrate.

Once the soul is cleared, you may re-align the existing two astral strands of DNA (remember that your astral body reflects your human body), followed by a similar adjustment in the physical body. The two strands with which most of you are familiar are called the "backbone" of the physical DNA molecules. In most people these have been knocked out of alignment simply by life, although some are born with mal-adjusted DNA. They may need adjustment periodically, but that is a simple matter after the initial adjustment. Many of life's problems are caused by a mis-alignment of your DNA. Ask each evening before retiring that the Backbone DNA strands be aligned and also ask this each day upon arising. The remaining strands cannot be fully activated if these Backbone DNA strands are out of whack.

When you ask that the Backbone DNA strands be aligned, you may feel an immediate energy shift. Some people feel nothing, yet notice that their day runs more smoothly or that they are better able to deal with the daily stresses. Let us now engage in a short meditation that will initially align these two strands:

Become quiet and take three deep breaths. Center your attention on your spine. Mentally send a bead of energy from the base of the spine to the top of the spine. Then allow this energy bead to move to the center of the head. Picture and feel it filling up the cranial space, expanding until it overflows, surrounding the head with a golden aura of energy. Feel it continue to expand as it moves back down the spine.

When you have a sense of infilling and completion, picture a two strand helix, the Backbone DNA, growing from the base of the spine, up the spine and into the center of the cranium. Ask for this Backbone DNA strand to become perfectly aligned and ready to receive the remaining strands of DNA.

Remain in this energy until you sense that the alignment is complete. Then, slowly come back to an awareness of the room.

You may wish to perform this meditation once or twice a day for three days. This will ensure that the alignment "takes." After that, when you wish for Spirit to realign the Backbone strands, simply become quiet and picture the two strands rising through a column of pure energy. It takes only about five seconds.

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By Pam Murray, Speaking From Wellspring

There is no one right way to activate all twelve strands of your DNA. It all depends on your incarnational "heritage." Some of you have spent most or all of your incarnations on earth and some of you are from other star systems or planets. There are those of you who were "planted" and have evolved from star seeds. Still others are experiencing their first incarnation on this planet. Pam is an example. She had no intention of incarnating again, but agreed that earth needed a go-between to help some of the souls evolve more quickly, so she took on "animal skins" and came here.

It matters not what your heritage is. One is not better than another. It is simply the path your soul has taken to learn, grow and eventually reintegrate with what you call God, or the All-That-Is. Your heritage can make a difference, however, in the order in which the strands are re-activated and, to an extent, the process used. The one we are presenting here is the most universal and will work for anyone whose soul has been cleared and the two physical/chemical strands of DNA, called the Backbone DNA, are aligned. You may find that when the strands begin to activate, that you experience a flood of emotions: anger, fear, grief, or any number of them. You may also remember strange details of your childhood on this planet and, perhaps, even glimpses of past lives whose energy is still hanging around. These emotions are reflections of energy that is trying to leave in order for the activation to continue.

Look at the emotions and feel them, but then thank them for showing you what needs to go and allow them or ask them to leave. Allow yourself to grieve for that which is leaving, for it is a parting and a change, and with every change, even for the better, there is grief. This grieving will not be a one-time event, although there may be some major breakthroughs in the beginning. Every cell of your body remembers everything and has an intelligence. Washing them clean is a long-term commitment.

Many incarnates on your planet at this time are what is called "star seeds." Lately, this has taken on an aura of glamour. But, I want to tell you that, just because someone has a heritage from another system, that being may or may not be more evolved than someone without this heritage. It is simply different, much like your earthly population and its rich skins colors. The heritage of your Jesus was entirely on earth, so you who have this heritage are in good company.

You are all working toward returning to our common heritage which is that of Light Seeds. This is a very good time and an excellent place to work on that because your race and your planet are evolving at ever increasing rates and at ever higher vibrations. More and more children are being born as Light Seeds. They are physically more fragile than the rest of you, as they are vibrating at this higher rate. So, you must take even better care of your children now and turn their attention toward that which is of high quality.

It is a well-known fact that the earth is what's called a heart planet. And many will advise you to "go with your heart." This is good advice, but with a caveat: "going with your heart" at the creation level means to go with a heart that has not been damaged. Many confuse emotions with the heart, and most emotions are dysfunctional, being burdened with lifetimes of pain. This is why it is so important to clear the soul and work on releasing old hurts. You must also not rely only on your intellect, as the brain has recorded too many images of the illusion of the three-dimensional world. You must continually strive to get yourself to a place of what you call agape. This is a form of pure love and is not an emotion, but a state of being. It is a knowing and an understanding. It is a state reached only by those who have cleared their soul programs and can view the world with a heart that knows no pain, and maintained only by those who have, as you say, ascended. There are a few on your planet who are in this state now, most of whom are unknown to you and must remain so in order to complete their commissions.

But now, back to the activation of your twelve strands of DNA-the incorporation of the Super DNA pattern we have talked about into your astral and eventually your physical bodies.

Once you have cleared yourself and aligned your Backbone DNA strands, you are ready to ask for activation. Remember, always ask Spirit to do the work through you. Using your own power depletes the physical vehicle and this is totally unnecessary. Here is a meditation to help begin the activation of stands three through twelve.

Become quiet. Visualize the Backbone DNA helix following the contours of your spine. This may manifest as an actual vision, a feeling of warmth in that area and/or tones. You will come to know your own signals. In your own way, ask Spirit to begin the activation and anchoring of the remaining strands of DNA. Know that Spirit will take you through this process at the perfect speed for you. Sit quietly, focusing on your spine, until you sense completion with this segment. Slowly come back to an awareness of your surroundings and give thanks.

Some of you may be a little disappointed that it is so simple. Well, let me tell you that the activation is, indeed, simple. However, you may find work still to do whilst this is going on.

Your work is to continually clear yourself of all the negative emotions that parade before you. This process is a little like a ferris wheel, with each chair being a different color and representing the various issues still lurking in your bodies. You get to ride in each chair for a revolution, but, just when you think the ride is over, you get to start again with the first chair. You will be peeling away layers from each issue.

Don't get discouraged, though. You will notice a sensation of ever increasing lightness if you persist in this process. Sometimes you will have setbacks. Sometimes you may go through what is known as "The Dark Night of the Soul." This is a very real phenomenon, as the ego attempts to hang on to the illusion of lack and powerlessness. Be gentle with yourself during these times. Allow yourself to go through it and to grieve for the lost illusions. Get good spiritual help. Don't take on too much.

At this point, if you are not doing so already, begin to drink at least two quarts of water each day and to lighten your eating habits. Don't you get this same advice from almost all advanced beings? So, why aren't you following it? I will not tell you to eliminate all animal products, as some of you require a small amount to help you function in the three-dimensional world. Remember, you are still in this world by choice and one of the lessons you came to learn was how to work with the three dimensions from a fifth dimensional perspective. Some of you become very light before you are equipped to handle the higher vibrations and are then unable to fulfill your commission on earth. Therefore, you must continually experiment to find just the right diet, meditation time, and so forth for you. And, as you advance in your activation, your diet and daily activities will change, so keep checking in with that.

You will find that the activation of the third through sixth strands will proceed fairly smoothly and quickly, especially if you have been meditating for a while and are generally "clean." Activation of the remaining strands will most likely progress more slowly, as you are required to released deeper issues that may not be so apparent to you and to adopt different habits in your daily lives. Also, you will be required to make new commitments that could take you a while to fully accept. Paradoxically, your life will become simpler and more joy-filled rather than more complex and difficult.

You may also request for another activation of the first six strands of SDNA. We will cover this process in the next session.

That is all.

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