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Pam Murray constantly develops new products and services to help you not only with your spiritual quest, but with your business success. We will be conducting business differently in the coming millennium and you are at the vanguard of those who will march confidently into the new order. We need lightworkers in every facet of business--finance, banking, health care, writing, sales, not-for-profit, service, teaching, child-care, and every other area you can think of. Check this page often to see what's new for you!

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Monographs are long documents that, at this point, are not in "real" book form. They are attractively comb-bound, 81/2 x 11-inch reports, at least 50 pages long, which is the equivalent of a 100-page book. They are information-dense. A good value, these monographs will enhance your spiritual journey.

New Monograph!!!!

Revelation--The Ascension Manual of Jesus the Christ

When someone mentions the Book of the Revelation, does it conjure up images of world-ending cataclysms? Relax. The Book of the Revelation was not written to frighten us. It is actually an instruction manual, which uses the metaphor of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. You will be led through a seven-step initiation which guides you through the ascension process. Included is a thorough explanation of the symbols and terms, plus meditations and exercises designed to help you on this journey. Even if you don't wish to go through the exercises in depth, this analysis of the Revelation of the Christ makes for fascinating reading! Item M-3. $12.50

From Two to Twelve: The Technology of Twelve-Strand DNA--Activation, Calibration and Anchoring

This document is the result of many years of research and work with Spirit. It is a compilation of twelve article that were featured in Sedona: Journal of Emergence magazine, plus additional information received from Spirit. You will find the complete text of the Thirteenth Strand Meditation, many exercises and meditations and more. An essential part of your growth into light. Item M-2. $10.00

Mystical, Magical Bible Numbers

Pam has done extensive research into the mystical meanings of the Bible. Each number in the Bible has a specific meaning which, when combined with the meanings of the places, names and objects, helps us to uncover the way to enlightenment. 

For instance, four is universally considered the number of the earth. It is the number of creation. In Kabbalism there are four worlds: Azilut, Beriah, Yetzirah, and Attiyah. The Hebrew fourth letter, dalet, also refers to the four matriarchs: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah, and the four patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and David. According to Augustine, Adam (The Earthling) is also a four, composed of the letters which are the four winds, reminiscent of God breathing life into Adam.

Would you like to know more? This monograph contains the mystical meanings of the numbers, plus extensive explanations and interpretations of many passages in the Bible, including the full mystical meanings of each. This monograph will help you understand your journey more thoroughly. Item M-1. $10.0


Remembering Your Destiny: The Twelve Practices

Tired of theory that doesn't translate into "real life?" Ready for something that really works? In Remembering Your Destiny, you will not only find food for thought, you will learn hands-on practices to propel you into your intended destiny, sure-footed and well-prepared. You will learn how to:

Through the use of ground-breaking exercises and new tools developed for this process, you bring to full flower the possibilities inherent in a life without limits. 203 pages. Item B2. $14.95   

The New Success:
How To Redefine, Create and Survive Your Own Success

Have you bought into someone else's definition of success? Would you like to create the life you want to live? By using the exercises and tools in The New Success, you can do just that! You learn how to:

The theory in The New Success is backed up by down-to-earth practicality with tools such as:

This popular book is quickly becoming a classic! 200 Pages. 

Item B1 $12.95 

Card Deck

Destiny Cards

This illusion-shattering product will help you take a loving, yet confronting look at what is getting in the way of whatever you want to manifest in this life. This beautiful deck contain 89 different questions, each beginning with "What If...?" (Check out this month's Destiny Card by clicking the link on the home page.) In addition, you will find one blank card for those occasions when you need to make up your own question. The instruction booklet included with each deck gives you many suggestions for using the cards. People who explore the truths on these cards regularly find their lives transformed! Item D1. $15.95 per deck.


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