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What is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)?

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) is a meticulous process of researching the subconscious and soul records to discover and release hidden blocks to health, happiness, and spiritual growth. It allows you to directly access your Higher Self. Developed by Rev. Robert Detzler, working with Spirit, SRT reseraches past life energies, subconscious blocks and negative soul programming. From that research,l Higher Self can access the akashic records and clear any discordant energies or programs. This will remove the negative emotional charges from the soul record, past, present or future, and replace them with a positive chrage.

These programs are very powerful and can actually prevent us from achieving our potential, both personally and spiritually. Your soul has accumulated these programs throughout lifetimes. They can result in health challenges, allergies, emotional blocks, and fears.

SRT practitioners work with charts and pendulums to help you in removing past blocks and present accumulated negative energies. Once you are cleared, you can continue to keep yourself clear as well as accelerate the process of the Twelve Strand DNA activation and anchoring.

{NOTE: part of this text is from Robert Detzler's book, Soul Re-Creation.

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