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Announcing: Rough Cuts

Spirit has given me many beautiful meditations to help you activate and anchor the twelve strands of DNA in your astral body, plus guidance on how you can move through these activations with as much ease as possible.

I asked Spirit how to get these meditations to people quickly-producing them with the music in the background is pretty time-consuming and Spirit has me very busy on other projects. All I got was "rough cuts." After pondering this for a while, I realized that, while music certainly enhances the meditation experience, it's not absolutely necessary. In fact, if you need it, you can always play music on another player while listening to the meditations on a headset. I call these Rough Cuts because 1) that's what Spirit said to call them, 2) I don't consider them completely finished until we put music behind them, and 3) they're not in fancy, four-color packages (just a plain tape box with a label on the cassette).

We don't know when the music-backed ones will be out (it may be a year or more), so, until I am able to do that, I'm offering them to you at a very reasonable price. As we produce the "finished cuts," the price will go up accordingly.

Tape 1: Repair and Activation

Side One: Balance and Repair. Pinpoint areas of broken strands and repair them. Balance the two physical strands of DNA currently resident in your body. This process helps you to "clean yourself out" so that the strands of Super DNA can activate and anchor in your Astral Body. Side Two: Activation and Anchoring. This process actually begins the activation and anchoring of Strands Three through Six in your Astral Body. Learn where you might be blocking the activation and how you can invite Spirit to initiate the process in your Astral Body. Powerful!

Tape 2: Contracts, Vows and Notions

Side One: Contracts. In order to activate and anchor Strand Seven in the Astral Body, you must eliminate contracts which are impeding your progress. These contracts may have been formed in prior lives or in your present existence. This is an on-going process throughout life and must be attended to regularly. Side Two: Vows and Notions. Contracts are those agreements we form with others. Vows and notions are contracts we make with ourselves and beliefs we acquire. These, too, block our open path to full activation of the blueprint that was created for our eternal path. Uncover the vows and notions that hold you back and release them from your life!

Tape 3: The Alchemy of Activation

Side One: Drinking From the Chalice. This mystical journey takes you on a "grail quest" to uncover the hidden meaning of your life. You meet with a mysterious stranger who leads you to a castle in which is contained a secret that will be revealed only to you. A powerful metaphor to help you understand more about your journey. Side Two: The Alchemy of Activation. The ancient alchemists outwardly purported to seek the procedure for turning base metals into gold. Their real search, however, was the transmutation of their human experience into enlightenment and mastery. This journey takes you to a laboratory where you experience first-hand this process within yourself.

Rough Cut Tapes: $6.00 each. If you'd like all three, just send $15.00.

Make your checks payable to: Pam Murray Mail your order to: PO Box 1996, Walla Walla WA 99362

If you want me to mail them today, e-mail me at, or fax me at (509) 522-1255, OR call me at (509) 525-5436, and let me know you've put a check in the mail. I'll send them right away. Several more tapes are in the works. As soon as they're ready, we'll let you know.

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