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By Pam Murray, President, Many Waters Publishing

"Get out there and network!"

Does this phrase bring pictures of running from one event to another, frantically passing out business cards, hoping to make that "magic" contact? If it does, read on. You're about to learn how the "masters" network, leveraging each connection into more and more business. First, let's define business networking. True business networking is "a purposeful approach to meeting and collaborating with others." Look at that definition a little more closely. What do you think the two most important words are: The first one is purposeful. Master networkers have a plan and a purpose. They know that building a powerful network doesn't just happen. The second most important word is "mutual." Contrary to many beliefs about networking, the Master Networker's first rule is "give first." True networking benefits everyone involved.

The second rule is: never confuse networking with prospecting. Both are necessary in sales, but they are entirely different activities. Prospecting is the deliberate search for clients. It may result in short or long-term relationships. When building a network, you are striving for long-term, mutual relationships from which all draw benefit.

Those in your network may be clients, but they will impact your ability to draw clients or other benefits.

As a Master Networker, you will first your the foundation. It will take some work up front, but the investment will pay off royally.

Here are some closing tips that will help you with your networking:

Master Networkers build networks for life. They are able with just a few actions to set in motion any goal they wish to attain and, in return, they have the time to help others in their quests. Giving and receiving. Making all lives we touch better. Living abundantly. These are the rewards for taking the time to build a powerful business network.

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