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Entering the Agape Space

By Pam Murray with Wellspring and Luminus   Copyright 2001

Greetings, Precious Ones. You are so beautiful to us. So many of you have been working to rid yourself of impediments to the activation and anchoring of your twelve strands of DNA. This has raised the light quotient and vibrations of the planet in ways you can, as yet, only imagine. You see, when you raise your own vibrations, and activate your twelve-strand DNA (even if it doesn’t anchor), you are serving not only yourselves, but the planet–indeed the entire universe. When even one of you begins to vibrate at even a slightly higher rate than before, we all rejoice. When you can give up anger, blame, pettiness and fear–even just a little–it is a cause for celebration. Your work touches everything, even if it delays one act of violence for one minute, the planet is healed. Each micron of healing, every immeasurable shift, contributes mightily to the work. So, continue in your efforts.

We would like to address a very important topic–that of what we will call The Agape Space. Your current usage generally assigns the meaning of "unconditional love" to this term, but it is really something different and so much, much more.

Agape is not an emotion, such as you normally think of love. It is, rather, a state of being. Within this state is the key to the universe. In this state there is no disease, poverty, hunger, thirst, nor anger. It is a state very few have touched, even for a few moments, but one which is coming as the norm if you continue to raise your vibrations and achieve living in the next dimension.

This state has long been known by mystics of the higher order, but their numbers were few. It is now available to earthlings of a higher order of soul. Beloved, if you are reading this, the chance is that your soul is of a higher order than most on your planet. We say this, not to imply your soul is better, but that it has reached an experience level where it is mature enough to begin working with the body to achieve this unified status.

The Agape Space is the condition of existing within a Golden Mean vibration. The ancients on your planet knew of this ratio and some even saw its relationship to universal oneness. Only the highest of the high knew its ultimate use. Most of them you have never heard of, as they kept their anonymity both as a means to preserve the knowledge and share it with a discreet few, and as the means to give them the time and space to hold the energy of your planet until such time as more and more adepts could be brought forth to contribute.

When you literally become a Golden Mean vibration, your entire physical and etheric bodies are vibrating to the exact rhythm and at the proper frequency for creating what you might call Heaven on Earth. This means that, for this planet to be transformed into what you aspire to, most beings must touch this vibration. You can do this, of course, in your own space and create for yourself this reality.

The following meditations will assist you in touching this Golden Mean vibration. Holding it as your being will require a complete anchoring of all twelve DNA strands in every physical and etheric body as well as some practice on your part, but, if you truly mean what you say about wishing to transform the planet, this will become a part of your life.

Become still. Take several deep breaths until you are fully relaxed. Let go of anything outside this moment. Ask that the protective light of the Christ surround you and that any negative vibrations be cleared from you and the surrounding area.

Picture, if you will, a tiny pinpoint of light behind your heart. Although this dot of light is small, it is very bright. Begin, then, radiating threads of light waves, as spokes on a wheel from this dot to about three feet beyond the physical body. Ask that each thread of light become a sine wave undulating in the ratio of the Golden Mean. You do not need to force this, as Spirit will adjust the undulations and frequency of each thread to reflect this ratio.

One by one, slowly and carefully, radiate these threads outward until you have a complete circle of them, with the dot of light behind your heart as the hub. Do not rush this process. Radiate as many threads as you can until you sense completeness with this and you are in the middle of a full circle of undulating threads.

Observe or feel how they begin to interact with each other, taking on a shimmer and a brilliance. Feel the harmony of the vibrations as you rest within the energy of the undulating threads. If they seem to have been waving separately, ask that they all begin waving in harmony and to the same vibration.

Rest in this energy for several minutes. When you feel this session is complete, slowly pull the threads into your body, into the pinpoint of light. When this is done, return to an awareness of your place at your own rate.

During this meditation, you are beginning to build up your "tolerance" for the increased vibratory rate of the Agape Space. As you sit in the center of your "wheel," you may experience one or more of the following:

Do not be alarmed at any of these or other sensations experienced during the meditation. If you become uncomfortable or frightened or ill, stop the process immediately. Remain seated or prone until you feel completely in control of yourself again.

Practice this meditation for many days until you are very comfortable with it and feel only bliss from the brightest possible threads. When you feel comfortable that you have mastered the first meditation and are prompted by your guides or Spirit, move to the next meditation.

Become still. Breathe deeply until you are relaxed. Again ask for protection and cleansing.

Follow the steps from the first meditation until your "wheel" of light threads is complete. Ask that the individual threads now become a solid sheet of light, still undulating in the Golden Mean ratio. Make this sheet of light as brilliant as you can.

Watch as it moves. Look at the changes as you rest in its energies. It may change colors or it may alternately glow and dim. Know that whatever happens is right and perfect for you. Observe or feel the sheet of light for several minutes until you sense that it is time to close.

As with the threads of light, bring the sheet of light toward the pinprick of light behind your heart. Do this slowly. Do not be impatient. Experience the energy of the sheet of light as it compresses. Instead of bringing the sheet of light into the pinprick, however, when it reaches the physical body, expand the light to fill yourself. Notice the sensations, if any, and ask that the light continue to vibrate within the ratio of the Golden Mean. When you sense that you are complete with this exercise, return to your awareness of your place.

This second meditation, prepares you for even greater vibrations. You may encounter the same sensations as with the first. Adjust each meditation session so that you are not duly uncomfortable. Remember, this is not a race. Those who start out slowly reach the same place as those who are quick to start. You will all reach Agape if you persist. Practice the second exercise for many days until you are completely comfortable with it.

The final exercise we will give you for this time is an expansion of the first two.

Become still. Breathe deeply until you are relaxed. Again ask for protection and cleansing.

Follow the steps from the second meditation until your sheet of light is complete. See that the sheet of light is about three feet in radius to your body. Make the light as brilliant and beautiful as possible.

Then watch as the sheet slowly expands vertically until it is a solid block of light reaching to three feet above your head, three feet below your feet, and three feet all the way around your physical body. Ask that it undulate and vibrate to the ratio of the Golden Mean.

When you have formed your light column, rest in its energy for several minutes, watching and experiencing what happens within the undulating, shifting energy.

When you feel a completeness with this exercise, slowly bring the ends of your light column back to the original sheet of light and draw this sheet of light into the pinprick behind your heart. Take plenty of time for this. Do not rush.

Come back at your own rate to an awareness of this place.

We ask that you spend at least a week on each exercise, more if needed or desired. It is important that you do not jump to the third exercise without mastering the first two. Rushing the process will not result in faster progress. In fact, it may impede you, as you will still have to go back and learn the lessons you must gain knowledge of from the first exercises. So may of you are so impatient. You want to learn it all right now! Be patient, little ones. Your time is at hand.

This is enough to learn and experience for now. A month’s worth of practice with these meditations will be of much value to you. That is all.

[Pam’s notes: The Golden Mean ratio referred to by Luminus is that of 1.618 to 1. the Earth’s Ancients knew well this ratio and often used it in construction. This is also the ratio of the nautilus shell and of other formations found in nature. I have found that, by holding the intention that the threads, sheets and columns vibrate to the Golden Mean ratio, Spirit automatically makes the adjustments.]