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Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival

Baskets & Blooms”  Quilt Challenge

                  September 24, 25, 26,  2004

                                 Cash Prizes of $200, $150, and $50 will be awarded

  Cash and/or prizes for “Choice” Awards


 Here is a recap of the guidelines to follow when submitting

 your entry:

v       The design of your quilt may be original, traditional or a combination of old and new.  If the design is based on another design you have seen, please acknowledge the original quilt maker.

v       Your quilt must consist of top, batting, and backing.  It must be fastened together with machine quilting, hand quilting, or ties.

v       Your quilt may be pieced and/or appliqued, and embellished in any way.

v       The quilt can be of any shape, but the combined total of all sides of the quilt cannot be less than 72 inches nor more than 160 inches (for example, an 18” X 18” quilt equals 72”; a 40” X 40” quilt equals 160”).  A round quilt cannot have a diameter greater than 40 inches.

v       Hanging sleeve is optional.

v       You may use any fabric(s) of your choice.  The choices should reflect the theme of the Challenge

Baskets & Blooms”.

v       An identification label must be securely fastened to the bottom back corner of the quilt (a paper label is not acceptable).  The label must contain the same full name and address that appears on the official entry form.  The label should also contain the title of the entry.

v       Send your quilt or quilts to:                                            “Baskets & Blooms”  Quilt Challenge                                              Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival

P. O. Box 1471                                                                     Walla Walla, WA  99362


v       Include your check or money order in the amount of $8.50 for return postage and handling,


v       You may deliver your quilt to:


47 E. Main Street

Walla Walla, WA 99362

v       Mail-in and delivered entries will be accepted commencing September 13, 2004, through September 22, 2004.

v       All entries must be received by 5:00 PM, Wednesday, September 22, 2004. We will acknowledge receipt of your entry only if you include a self-addressed, stamped postcard that we can return.        

v       No more than 2 entries per person may be submitted.  Use one entry form for each quilt.

v       Quilts will be displayed from September 24 through September 26.  Entries that have been delivered must be picked up at FabriCity by 5:00 PM, October 1, 2004.     Mailed entries will be return shipped by October 8, 2004. 

v       Quilts will be judged on workmanship, creativity, design and use of color.  The decision of the judge(s) will be final.  Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place winners. Cash awards of $50.00 will be presented to the Judge’s Choice, People’s Choice, and Festival Committee Choice.  Winners will be posted  September 24, St. Patrick’s Parish Gym, 425 E. Alder,  Walla Walla, WA.

v       The Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival Committee will take every precaution to safeguard your entry.  However, the Festival Committee will not be responsible for theft, damage or loss that may occur.

v       Questions???  Please e-mail: or telephone: 541-938-6130


Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival

“Baskets & Blooms”  Challenge Entry Form



Name_____________________________________________________________Telephone (_____)___________________________________


Address___________________________________________________________E-mail address_____________________________________


City_____________________________________________State____________Zip Code____________________________________________


Is your quilt an original design?   Yes or No

What inspired your design?___________________________________________________________________________________________


______________________________________________________________________________________________   Use back if necessary


I understand that the Walla Walla Quilt Festival Committee will take every precaution to safeguard my quilt.  I hereby release the Committee from all liability of any and every nature in connection with the use of the above described challenge entry.


I have read the rules and agree to them upon entering my work.  If I have entered a price in the box below, I agree to the consignment conditions as stated below.  Please sign.




Make my quilt available for sale during the time it is on display at the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival.  The selling price is entered below.  I understand that the Festival will deduct a 25% consignment fee should my quilt be sold.  The balance (75% of the selling price entered below) will be sent to me within 30 days of the sale of my quilt.  Enter a price only if you wish to offer your quilt for sale:                                                                                                       $__________.00