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Excerpt from From Two To Twelve: The Technology of Twelve Strand DNA Activation, Calibration and Anchoring
Repairing Broken Strands

 As the soul passes through its many experiences, both in an incarnational phase and in an astral phase, it can, in a sense, become damaged. That is, areas of the pattern can become broken. Understand that we are attempting to explain a fifth-dimensional  phenomenon in your third-dimensional language, so this becomes difficult. It is something that must almost be sensed, rather than understood intellectually. But, we will endeavor to impart it so you can understand.

When you perceive the 12-Strand pattern that is your unique blueprint, you actually see a configuration of perhaps millions of energy beads and helical patterns, intricately woven, forming the whole. Perhaps you might liken it to a “light-fabric.” In this complex pattern are tiny breaks and/or distortions to the original blueprint, occurring as the soul picks up experiences. It is something like a favorite sweater you may have had for some time. Each time you wear it, tiny threads may weaken or break. These would be almost imperceptible to you, yet, after many years of use, you begin to notice that it is looking a little threadbare. An insect may have even dined on some of the threads and maybe the cat sharpened its claws on the sleeve. Fortunately, the soul and its pattern can be repaired and restored. (This is why the “original” is kept in the cosmic “vault” for reference until you are completely reunified with All-That-Is.)

Very rarely is one of the major twelve strands severely damaged. In between the major strands are an infinite number of “threads” that form a sort of grid. This is actually where the energy beads are placed. These threads are so very delicate. One can be snapped with an unkind thought or a flash of anger.

Another can be broken in a moment of jealously. Yet another when fear supplants love as the governing power. Some repair may take place between incarnations and some has no doubt effected itself for those of you reading or hearing this, as you are on a path of soul healing.

You can work with Spirit to mend these breaks so that your perfect Twelve-Strand DNA pattern can be activated and anchored in your astral body. We have not spoken of his until now because we wanted you to get used to the idea and experience of activating the lower strands.

As we have said before, you can ask Spirit to activate the first six strands of DNA and it will be done in perfect timing without your needing to do  much. However, in order to activate the upper six strands and “polish” the energy beads (which we will address later in this series), you must become more active in the Christing process, the ultimate of which is the complete activation of all twelve strands in the physical body. More and more of you will be able to do this and stay in the body in order to assist your planet and its inhabitants to progress in consciousness. As of now only a handful of people are able to accomplish this and most of them  must remain anonymous at this time in order to do their work.

You will need to take up your “needle and thread” and repair the breaks that are currently there and also fix the ones that occur daily. Like so many processes, the first step is realization. Unless you have been working diligently to repair the breaks in your pattern, you may have many, most, like the sweater, almost imperceptible. But, if they are not mended, you will have limited success in accessing the higher DNA strands and in achieving complete activation. These breaks are also a factor in any blocks you may be experiencing to your perfect life expression.

Since every being on the planet, and indeed in the universe, is at a slightly different place in development, your experiences with mending the broken areas will probably be different from the person next to you. Some beings will pass through this phase without noticing any change. Others may find themselves experiencing a healing “crisis.” That is, they may become nauseous or develop flu-like symptoms, with a cough and congestion. Others may pass through a phase of malaise, a sort of “dark night of the soul.”

Consider this: you have spent lifetimes damaging the delicate structure of your Twelve-Strand DNA. When you begin to activate the strands–when you really commit to this path–you will experience changes. That is, as you say, a no-brainer. Your body is becoming lighter and freer as your soul and your astral body activate the strands and fill in the patterns. A thorough housecleaning is taking place and anything unlike the patterns now activating themselves must leave the vessel. You can’t keep dirt on the floor if you expect to have a clean house.

You may find yourself wishing for higher expressions in your relationships and feel a pull to associate with different groups of people. Where you were once very social, you may find yourself seeking more solitude or vice-versa. Perhaps you will find yourself drawn to the arts as a new way of articulating your higher level of being. Or, you may find yourself on exactly the path you are now treading, but knowing a higher and lighter way to dance.

Dear ones, you are so beautiful. If you could only see your true patterns you would be breathless with ecstasy at the radiance of it all. Mere words and descriptions cannot do justice to your beauty and your power. Do you not know that, within you, is the power to change the world? This is why you are here right now. All your experiences, all your choices, all your lifetimes, have prepared you for this moment. Yes, children, you are here to change the world. You are here to bring light to a planet that is threatened right now with darkness. The light of one of you can illuminates so much darkness. The love you express erases a multitude of hate. The power you contain in your little finger can feed a community. Do not doubt yourselves. Not for a moment.

So now, let’s work on repairing the tears in the fabric. Let’s shake out a bit of the chaff and have a meditation.


Become still. Take several deep breaths. As you inhale, bring in light to yourself. Feel yourself filled with light and love. Feel a sense of peace washing over you. Just sit in that lovely, benign flow for a few minutes as you feel the cares of the outer world fall away and you begin to turn inward.

Ask your soul to show you its current Twelve Strand DNA Pattern. See it shimmering and glowing a few feet in front of  you. It is truly beautiful, yes? Now ask your soul to bring this pattern closer to you until you can see a small section magnified before you. Do not will any certain area to appear, rather allow your soul to guide the process so it proceeds in the way that is best for you.

Notice if there are any breaks in the pattern. Use your inner knowing. Do you sense that it is not glowing as brightly as it might? Can you feel perhaps a slightly lower energy that needs a boost? Do you see any tiny breaks in the fine threads that fill in the grid between the major strands?

You may sense, rather than see these breaks. Or you may even hear a faint sound that needs to be balanced or sense an odor that could be sweetened as the pattern draws near to you. You will soon learn to trust your own instincts on this.

As the tiny breaks make themselves apparent to you, see them being restored to their original glory by asking Spirit to send them love. It is that simple. Do not try to repair them using your own energy, as your energy is yet too dense. Ask Spirit lovingly to do this for you. This is part of the job of Spirit–The All-That-Is. Your job is to be willing to accept the repairs. Take as much time as you want. Remain in this energy until you feel a sense of completion with the task.

Now, ask to be shown another area of the pattern in which some damage may have taken place. Again, use your inner knowing to discern where there might be breaks and ask Spirit to mend them.

Go to just one more area in this session. Repeat the process. When you sense that this third repair has taken place, slowly come back to an awareness of this place.


Before you have completely “returned,” focus on your inner and outer self. Ask your soul what has changed and listen for an answer. I strongly recommend writing in a journal. It need be no more than a wire-bound notebook. If you will record some of the changes you are experiencing, you will be astounded at your own growth. Also, some of the messages you receive now may mean nothing to you at the present, but later will take on significance and become important to you. You need not write page after page; just jot down impressions or phrases that you receive.

As a general rule, do not attempt to repair more than three areas at a time. At this point, you are accessing old breaks and you don’t want to open a Pandora’s box within yourself. Heal yourself gently and lovingly. In this case, more may not be better. One way to gauge the best pace for you is to ask your soul to show you only as much as you can easily handle in one session. If you must get up early and go to work, keep that in mind. If you are on retreat and can handle a cleansing, maybe you can work more diligently on this. But, don’t rush it. If you go too fast now, Spirit will see to it that you are halted until your body catches up, so, in the long run, you will accomplish no more by overdoing it.

As you work more and more with this process, you will find it easier and easier to effect repairs. You will be able to do the day’s repair, zip, zip, zip.

Sometimes it may seem as if the process has slowed. This could mean that you are accessing breaks that are larger and more significant. These breaks will require a little more time for you to process and cleanse. Just allow the process to proceed at the best pace for you and don’t worry about finishing ahead of someone else. This is not a race. It is part of your overall healing.

So that you are not keeping any new breaks around, simply pause a few times a day and ask Spirit, “Please repair any new breaks in my pattern.” Then go about your day. It is that easy. You can do it at a stoplight, while cooking, in a meeting. It is not an apparent course of action to others in your presence and it takes only a few seconds. By doing this, you can concentrate on the old breaks.

During this procedure, you may wish to consult a health practitioner to make you more comfortable with any symptoms you have. Treat yourself to a massage or bodywork. Add more beauty to your surroundings. Keep a good balance between exercise and rest and add more healthy foods and pure water to your diet. The healthier and stronger your vessel is, the more of the new energies it can contain.