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Discipline: The "D" Word, Part 2

We all have some discipline in our lives. You are no doubt already disciplined enough to get yourself out of bed and survive your daily routines. But, what about those dreams you have or used to have? As a co-creator in this universe, you can bring about the fulfillment of those dreams. But, we need to stay in step with discipline? Here are a few behaviors that might give you clues to being out of step with Directed Discipline:

Creating "busy-ness." This can involve engaging in "low impact" activities instead of pursuing something you want. Low impact activities are usually simple, mindless pursuits that involve no challenge and can either be left undone, batched together, or done at a time when your energy is low. Use your high energy times of the day for high-impact activities, ones that really accomplish something.

Taking on too many voluntary responsibilities so youíre just too overloaded to be disciplined about that goal.

Blaming others for taking up too much of your time.

Harboring a belief that youíre just not the "discipline type."

Ignoring your health and working so hard you donít have the energy for discipline.

You can probably think of a few more behaviors that can impede the discipline necessary to create the life you truly want.

Here are some ideas for making the space for the practice of Directed Discipline:

Look at the activities in your life. Prioritize them in order of critical need.

Learn to say "no" to that which does not contribute to the highest values in your life.

Find ways to simplify high priority items.

Eliminate low priority items.

Keep a log of everything you do for a week. Then, using a numbered SRT chart, ask for the percentage of benefit to your goals of each activity during that week. How many are feeding your ego? How many are contributing to your dream?

Hereís an idea. Make a list of everything you want to be, have or do in life. Every thing. Write down even those things that embarrass you to want. Then, pick one fairly small item to work on.

Then, make a list of very small steps you can take each day to accomplish that. For instance, if you want to release some weight, perhaps you could identify one small item of non-nutritious food you could eliminate or reduce. In addition, you could exercise for three or four minutes. That doesnít sound like much, does it? But it adds up.

Several years ago I took piano lessons from Rob Cook, a very talented musician and teacher and a good friend. I was having trouble fitting in piano practice with my busy schedule, and we were both getting frustrated. Finally he asked me if I could practice ten minutes a day. I said that, yes, I could somehow find ten minutes, but couldnít see what good it would do. However, I agreed to try it. After a couple of weeks, that ten minutes became so enjoyable that I managed to "find" ten more minutes, then ten more minutes. After a couple months, I was practicing regularly enough that genuine music was actually coming out of my fingers and that piano. The small steps added up to the accomplishment of a very satisfying goal.

So go find ten minutes and take a step toward a goal.

When we think about discipline, often the thought comes that we are talking about more work. But, as a spiritual practice, Directed Discipline helps you to balance your life, evolving the abundance of health, wealth, right relationships, right livelihood, and an incredible relationship with Spirit. To do this you need to develop the discipline to:

Play when itís time to playí

Work when itís time to work.

Do what is yours to do and let Spirit do what is Spiritís to doóand learn the difference.

Love your body enough to care for it.

Love yourself enough to live your Truth.

Follow the voice of Spirit.

See the Christ in everyone.

Humble yourself enough to see where changes are needed, within and without.

Give thanks at all times.

Believe you are a Divine being.

The beauty of Directed Discipline is that, step by step, you create the life of your dreams. To paraphrase the commercial, the value of achieving a cherished aspiration: priceless.

Meditation: I joyfully accomplish the actions that lead me to my abundant life.

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