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Your Destiny Card for January 2004


What if I nothing could steal my joy?


A note on this card: 

As the old saying goes, "Joy is an inside job." Too often, however, we let outside circumstances and illusions create the belief that something outside ourselves can generate or destroy our joy. Joy is not the same thing as happiness, giddiness, or hysteria. It is not an emotion. It is a state of being in which we know that the Universe is stronger than any of our problems and that, if we allow it, Divine Order and Divine Direction can operate every moment of our lives. We can be sad or grieving over a circumstance, but, still something inside of us knows that there is an inner flame of joy that gets us through the difficulties.

As you write about this card, be open to the messages sent to you from Spirit.

Here are your instructions for using your Destiny Card:


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