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About Pam Murray.....

Reverend Pam Murray, Ph.D. is comitted to helping people to grow and succeed–and to enjoy the journey!

For many years Pam worked in the business world, first as an interior designer, and then as a quality and management specialist  at The Boeing Company.

  In 1990 she left the corporate world to form her own speaking   and writing company.

  From early childhood Pam has been aware of the Christ   energy in her life. She has studied with mystery schools for   thirty years and has been an ordained minister since 1992.


Receiving information from the Godhead, Pam passes it along in the form o f articles, books, tapes and other products. She also learned how to clear souls under the tutelage of Robert Detzler, developer of Spiritual Response Therapy.

Pam is also an avid researcher and scholar, combining good scholarship with her channeled information to provide the most complete information possible.

Her Eternal Destiny is one of a Toolbringer. It is her mission to bring to people the tools they need to thrive and prosper in the new energies of the 21st century, also known as the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

Pam feels that we each have a responsibility and a privilege to participate fully in these new energies, learning how to create abundance for ourselves in every facet of our lives: health, relationships, creativity, joy, and love, as well as material comforts. These skills and knowledge can literally change the climate, distribution and expression of the earth plane, turning it once again into a garden. She invites you to share the journey and the adventure!